30 Day Blog - Day 4

Here are 7 facts of my childhood...

  1. I was born in the Philippines and lived there till I was 9
  2. I was an amazing golfer till I was 9 when I got fed up of it
  3. I took gymnastics when I was 8 and won a silver medal in the floor excersise stealing my sisters move lol!
  4. I was scared to swim till I managed to teach myself how when I was in grade 7
  5. I was known as butterfly cause I used to flap my wings and say "look I'm a butterfly"
  6. I idolized my moms father and he is the only person I've ever looked up to.
  7. I was almost mugged in Jersey City being mistaken for someone else but managed to stop him by offering him a lollipop


Steph I said...

A lollipop to save yourself from a mugging in NJ?! That's awesome. If it was only that simple every time.

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