San Francisco - Day 3

My plan of having this post up before I left for Vegas obviously failed so I'll try to remember what happened on our 3rd day in SF.

We had originally planned on going to the Wharf but we got so tired and lazy that we vegged at Marilens place till we figured out what to do. So off we went and did part 2 of the Marilen Accord City Tour. The first place she wanted to take us was to have a taste of Mitchell's Ice Cream. When we drove by this place, I already knew it was going to be good since there was a HUGE crowd outside waiting to get served. I forgot what I had but I remembered it was good LOL. It's always nice to have ice cream in hot weather. Well it wasn't extremely hot but it was good enough.

From there we took off and ended up at the Golden Gate Bridge. Now for many years I've seen pictures of this. Nothing really compares to having a glimpse of this in person. It was frigging AMAZING to see. Just the way it is framed with the hills and oceans, it was just perfect. Hence the tonnes of pictures I took of it in my album.

We stayed here for a bit then ended off at Ghiradelli Square where leesha finally had a chance to buy her cup cakes! Kara's cup cakes to be exact. They were quite good actually. I still haven't found cupcakes that top the ones I got for leesh one year but one of them came pretty close.

After walking around for a bit, we headed off to have dinner at The Stinking Rose. Dinner was good here. The Seafood Iron Skillett was just amazing and I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach cause I also ordered the Surf and Turf. It was soo good but I just couldn't finish the food so I left it on the street for some homeless man to find. After dinner, we went straight home since we had to leave early the next day.

I'd just like to thank Marilen for hosting us for this weekend. I had such a good time there! I can't thank you enough for driving us around! We had a blast!!!


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