San Francisco - Day 1

Alysia and I took a night flight to SF which got us there at midnight west coast time. 3am, eastern time. Yeah we were tired! I didn't even get to sleep on the plane but I did see some cool scenery on the plane as we were flying over a storm. Marilen picked us up and brought us to her loft where we would be staying our whole trip. Her Loft is REALLY NICE!! It was a lot bigger than I imagined. I don't think pictures do justice to how spacious this space really is. Lets just say I fell in love with it and I want a loft in Toronto now. =)

So Friday we cooked our breakfast (which I just realized we didn't take a picture of!!). Our breakfast for the 3 days we were there were Chicken Longaniza, Chicken Tosino, Fried Eggs, Rice, Hawaiian Bread and Pandesal. We cooked it on Friday and it lasted us till Sunday. Obviously the eggs were cooked fresh everyday. Right after breakfast we all got ready to go to Union Square. We took the bus there and it was just interesting watching the people that take the bus. I don't take the bus so I like to people watch when I do.

We got to Union Square and looked at all the shops and laid my eyes on my very first Cable Car. That thing looks so cool but the lines were so long that I didn't want to ride it. We just walked to Macys and waited for our city bus tour to take us around SF. Just a bit of a background, when Marilen came here, her and leesh took the double decker bus tour of Toronto and they both enjoyed it, so now it's a thing they have to do now. This was my first double decker bus tour and I really enjoyed it.

The tour itself was crap. It was split into 2 segments. The first one was hosted by this Irish lady who had to pee so she was just making jokes until she finally got to go to the washroom. The next one was some old lady who just kept talking about the earthquake of 1906 and 1989. Even though the tour was crap, the experience was amazing. Once I started to tune out the hosts, I just looked around and enjoyed the view. San Francisco is a beautiful city. It has so much character!! It just has a very west coast feel to it. I love it!

We got off the tour bus and walked around for a breif moment at Fishemans Wharf. We had just enough time to see "BUSH MAN" and eat some yummy sea food as you can see on the pic. I really wanted to see the seals of Pier 39 and see the aquarium there but after seeing how many people were there to watch the sea lions I thought it could wait and if I was going to see an aquarium, I rather see Monnteray Bay instead. We were suppose to do the night tour of Alcatraz as well but tickets were sold out the whole weekend and we couldn't go to any of the tours. We should've bought them earlier but that was my fault.

We took the tour bus again back to Union Square and went shopping...well kinda..Leesh and Marilen got some stuff, but I didn't find anything I really wanted. So after walking around the mall and looking at all the shops, we headed back home and took the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) or as I call it..The BA. It was weird...they had carpet in it and their chairs had cushions. Leesh said it felt like sitting in a living room.

We got off 16th street station (I think thats it...) and walked up to go have dinner at Anadalu's. On our way there, we got to see 2 things familiar to the Mission (the area where Marilen lives); we saw Bacon Dogs and Critical Mass aka Bike March to me. Critical Mass is a bunch of bikers that get together every Friday night and a tonne of them just go riding on the street. It all first started as a protest that there were not enough bike lanes in SF so this thing just became now a weekly thing. It was cool to see it. The bacon dog I didn't try since we were on our way to dinner.

Dinner was amazing. I loved the food there. I didn't take my usual food pics cause well by this time, it was 9:30pm and we were dead tired from the day and just wanted to eat. I won't go into detail what we ate but lets just say for dessert we had some DA-NUTS!!


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