30 Day Blog - Day 25

celebrity crush list..

Actress: Blake Lively...nuff said! I love her.  She's awesome and hot.

Athlete: Candace Parker..any girl that can ball like her and look like her is sexy!

Music: Amel Larrieux...former front girl of Groove Theory has the sexiest voice hands down!

For fun, I thought I'd list my man crush list too LOL!

Actor: Chris Pine.  Star Trek.  He's my hero!

Athlete: Kelly Slater.  See a few posts back why. 

Music: Jared Leto.  Kings and Queens is the most awesome video ever and that everything he rocks, I'd wear too!


Leesh said...

I totally agree with you on Blake Lively. She's my girl crush.

Jared Leto is hot in a rocker-ish way. Any chance you want to rent My so-called Life and do a marathon? I think Jared Leto was geeky back then.

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