30 Day Blog - Day 5

 My favorite Super Hero.

Since I was a young boy, I've been always attracted to female super heroes.  Zarana and Jinx from G.I. Joe, Storm and Psylocke from X-Men are the ones that stand out in my head.  There was one that did stand out to me from my comic days and that was Dark Phoenix.

Dark Phoenix is Jean Grey's dark side.  When this part of her is unleashed, she is virtually unstoppable.  I have a thing for strong, bitchy women.  Women that can stand up on their own and hold their own cause and be accountable for their actions.  The ones that don't beat around the bush, play games and just say things straight up.  Dark Phoenix to me symbolizes this.  How an attractive girl can hold such power and destruction has always amazed me as well as taking away the old "don't judge a book by it's cover" lesson.

The Phoenix too has always been a favorite mythological creature of mine.  How it can come out fresh from it's own ashes and start new, always giving life a fresh start.  Re-inventing yourself is a great characteristic that I find very important in life.  Go with the flow...roll with the punches...take what life has given you.

Besides all that deep shit, Dark Phoenix is one sexy bitch!! ROAR!


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