30 Day Blog - Day 3

A habit that I wish I didn't have...

Well that's obvious.  This for me is smoking.

I have tried to quit but I think I haven't really tried seriously.  I can make up any excuses why I haven't quit but the point is I have to.  The worst culprit for me wanting to smoke isn't nicotine itself, it's just plain old boredom.  I'm so used to the habit.  It gives me something to do.  Keeps me pre-occupied.  I've quit smoking in my car for 4 years now which means that smoking in general shouldn't be that far away.  One day I will quit, but unfortunately with me, it's my mind that has to tell me that, not my body.


Steph I said...

Hey, that's pretty huge that you quit smoking in your car for so long. I remember that for me, driving + smoking went hand in hand. I couldn't get in the car without smoking. Knowing that you want to quit and that you should quit is almost half the battle, yes? Good luck!

Maureen said...

you're right. it's not enough to know you have to quit. you, yourself will have to be truly ready to quit. this way when you actually do it - the habit will be gone forever.

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