Lets Hope For...

 ...SNOW!! Yeah I said it.  It's really been a short winter up here in Toronto.  Normally I'd be happy, but the fact that I got into boarding makes it worst.  I want snow dammit!!  This weekend my 2 brother in law's and my brother and I will be trying to make a trip up to Blue if weather permits.  It should be jokes but I really hope it snows.  I love summer, but I need a change of scenery for a second.

In a month I go to Vegas...well lets hope.  Im not that excited about it because on the 13th I got summoned for Jury selection.  Here is the thing, why do they pick people with full time jobs to go to these things?  It's not like I got anything better to do, but it really makes it so inconvenient for people with jobs to go and it's more of a hassle for you to get out of it.  There are people out there on UI, make them go, they are unemployed and racking up government money, let them be mandatory to do the service, not people like me who work hard 40 or more hours a week only to sit in a damn room the whole day.  Lets see how this goes.


Leesh said...

Are you crazy? Don't wish for more snow...I'm glad it's all gone! I don't want it to come back!

I totally agree with you that unemployed people should be selected first for jury duty. It's not like they have anything else better to do.

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