Injuries SUCK!

It's been about 4 months now since my rotator cuff has been injured.  It's fine when I walk, move or whatever but once there is some sort of force needed or resistance against it, the fucking thing seizes up.  I hate it!  I can't play the sports I want to play like volleyball and tennis.  I mean it's so bad that for the first time since grade 8, I served underhand in a volleyball game!!

To make matters worst, my surfing buddy Geoff is planning to go to Costa Rica in Jan for a surf trip.  I WANT TO GO but I CAN'T!  I won't be able to paddle out and I'm worried that going down there will just make my shoulder worst but to have a 2 in 1 combo of surfing and Costa Rica together makes me tinkle LOL!  I have another acquaintance that is going to Panama for a surf trip in Feb.  That maybe more realistic but it's going to be more expensive!! GRRRR!!

So I decided that enough is enough and I finally booked a physiotherapy appointment this Friday.  Lets get this bad boy fixed!

On a side note, my surfing buddy is awesome.  I met him through tripadvisor and he is the one that told me about surfing in Punta Cana.  He's 35, married with 2 kids and he still goes on what I call "miQ time" and his wife agrees with it.  She also goes on her own "I need my time" trips.  I love seeing people not using marriage and kids as an excuse not to do anything.  I love it.  This is how I want to be when I have kids and now I know it's not impossible.  GO GEOFF GO! LOL!


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