Scott Pilgrim Volume 1

I bought this book to take with me on vacation to read while on the beach.  I also bought 2 other graphic novels, The Umbrella Academy and The Losers.  I figured I'd start Scott Pilgrim now and work my way to the other two on vacation.  Well I started it 2 hours ago and now Im done lol!  I know its not a hard comic to read but the thing with me is if the book or whatever it is doesn't catch me in the first few pages, I totally turn out.  This got me hooked from the start!!  It's funny and witty and I can relate to it since it's based out of Toronto.

Now I have a dilema, do I buy the next 2 volumes and take it with me to read or do I wait till I come back and read it?  Honestly it was such a good graphic novel, I can't wait to see how the movie does!  It is truly entertaining on page!!! Im debating to go to Chapters right now and get the 2nd one lol!!


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