The Jam Matte Grey Green Ion

Last week I purchased a pair of sunglasses online.  I've sold a few of my old ones through Kijiji since I wasn't wearing them and I figured I needed one more just to solidify my collection.  I was looking for something different and possibly retro looking. 

When I was in Vegas about 2 months ago, I saw this guy wearing these sunglasses with the retro looking lens on them.  Had the same irridium of what you would see in snowboarding goggles.  It was awesome and I had to have it.  Obvioulsy easiest place to find it was online and I found a great deal through Amazon.  I had it shipped to my step father in law's home in the US so that I could take advantage of the free shipping and not deal with the duties and such of it crossing the border.  He'll be here end of July so I will have it just in time for my trip to Cuba in August.  I can't wait!


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