Couch Surfing

 I had a couple of friends tell me about this before and I thought it was nuts!  Then I thought about it some more.  I mean if you can crash at someones place for FREE, wouldn't that make your dream trip more affordable?!?!  It would also help you get around better since you have a local to take you places and speak the language!

So I joined today to see if I can get and meet people from Japan so that I can finally get my ass over there!  This would be the best way to get to see Japan in a well budget way!  So far it's kind of weird cause you're basically putting yourself out there to people you don't know asking them to stay at your place, but at the same time these people are on this site for the same thing.  I've gotten no replies yet but lets see where this takes me.  If this turns out to be a success, OMG BRASIL HERE I COME!!


Yumi B said...

you might wanna try asking for tatami surfing in Japan lol.

m i Q said...

HAHAHA thats true!!

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