I finally purchased my first pair of snowboots.  Well it was kind of a forced way to stop being so "extra".  I first ordered the Nike Zoom 1 boots.  The 2008 models.  I got them and I tried them on...tight, which was expected but width wise it was iffy on me.  I laced them up and right when I was about to close the velcro, the ring popped out of it's hook.  I wasn't even pulling on it hard!  The damn thing just ripped!  If that wasn't a sign, I dont know what was lol!

So I went to Sports Check to see some gear.  I wanted the traditional laces but I didn't want anything too complicated or something that took forever to lace up.  The lining lace system on this boot is SOOO EASY I loved it!  It was so frigging comfortable it was automatically my choice.

The sales person Mary was also very helpful and answered all of my questions in regards to bindings boots and boards...very informative woman and I thank her for her help!!

I was reading articles online on how to choose your boot and it really helped me.  Main points I took were that make sure that you're comfortable with it and don't get caught up on looks.  Well that last one as my brother in law.  True, your bindings and pants cover it anyway but with me, there needed to be some sort of zest to it.  So after trying on a few boots I ended up with Ride Orions!  I swear these are so comfortable!!

Whats next?  Bindings...and I automatically fell in love with these when I saw them.  Sorry Jay, but these are all about looks and performance!  the thing that got me were the adjustable front strap which can pivot into a toe cap, similar to what Burton has.  Yes I'm starting to talk the enjoy the beauty that is the K2 Formula!!


Yumi said...

Love da boots n bindings. Toe cap is so comfy (no more cut off circulation and dead toes).
You're blog reminded me how much I miss snowboarding.

But now am stuck on this caribbean island, my gear buried in a garage somewhere in Arkansas, probably never to see a mountain again... sigh...
Have a blast Mike and just wait till you try powder for the first time, its almost better than sex :-0

Leesh said...

Yumi is hilarious!!! Go figure that a girl who is living on a beautiful sunny island misses snowboarding.

m i Q said...


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