Life List

 Everyone has one.  I do and it's been a while since I've seen it or posted it online somewhere.  It just made me realize that I've slacked off on getting some stuff done on my list.  No time better than now to add more to my list.  Just to remind myself on a daily basis, I've placed my ever growing list to the right of this blog for myself and everyone else to view.

I don't think everyones life list should be fixed.  Your life changes all the time and different interests and events can swing your mood.  The Olympics for instance.  After Jon Montgomery won the Gold in Skeleton, I just found out how to try to get recruited for the Canadian Mens Skeleton team.  Do you think I have a shot?  HELL NO, but just to try out for it and even try the sport makes you wonder.  I have never been a "What If?" kind of guy.  If I make an ass out of myself, so what?  I tried right!  Besides, how fucking cool would it be if I actually made it LOL!  As my friends say, I'm always looking for an excuse to wear something skin tight lol!!!


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