Yesterday I went to go visit my parents house because I needed to see how my old buddy was doing, my dog Tango. He is now 13 years old (91 in human years) and he's not doing too good. His back is giving out on him, making it hard for him to walk or stand up, he paces around at night cause he's getting senile and it's just hard to watch him be that way considering he's such a happy dog.

Now were stuck with the decision, do we let him go or do we extend his years? I don't know how much pain he's in but you never know, it's not like he can tell me. He came up to me yesterday and just started to give me the Paw. He only does that if he wants something or if he did something wrong and I know he didn't do anything wrong. Was that him telling me that he's had enough? I don't know. This has to be the hardest decision ever. I know one thing, he was there when I needed some sort of comfort, and if we decide that it's time for him to go, I for damn sure won't leave him alone. I have to be there with him. I'm not going to let him go with noone he knows around him. No fucking way.


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